FAQ - Water Damage Repairs

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a water damage insurance claim?

In order to make a water damage insurance claim, it is important that the loss adjuster sees the damage before restoration work takes place. Ensuring that you have photo and video evidence of the damaged area is also important to a successful claim. Another key step in a water damage insurance claim is working with a surveyor to assess the value of the claim.

Can I deal with water damage myself?

If you have water damage within your property it is important to seek specialist help in resolving the issue in order to reduce the risk of long-term damage to a property. If your insurance covers water damage, contacting local water damage professionals can be useful in understanding the next steps in making a claim.

What happens during flood damage restoration?

There is a number of steps taken during the restoration process following flood damage. The first step is working alongside water damage experts to assess the extent of the damage. Parts of a property such as flooring that are damaged by flooding will often require replacement. There may also need to be repairs carried out to wiring and electrical systems within a property.

Does home insurance cover water damage repair?

If the water damage results from an insured peril such as a leak or a flood then the insurance company is required to pay for a like-for-like replacement of damaged items. If the damage results from a non-insured peril such as maintenance issues or rising damp then the repair will typically not be covered by most home insurance policies.

Can anybody take out water damage insurance?

If you are the homeowner you can take out water damage insurance for your property. Most home insurance policies will provide coverage for a range of issues resulting in water damage. It is always worth researching different home insurance options and choosing an option with comprehensive coverage always represents a long-term investment in your property.

How do water damage contractors deal with flooded basements?

One of the initial steps contractors take to resolve issues with flooded basements involves pumping out the water. This provides the option to assess the extent of the damage and carry out the necessary restoration work. If the water damage results from an insured peril our team at Water Damage Repairs can help ensure the settlement you receive from your insurance company is fair and proportionate.

Can I perform leaking pipe repair myself?

Whilst it is possible to carry out repairs for leaking pipes in some instances, calling in a plumber to carry out the repair will help ensure the best long-term outcome by identifying and resolving any issues efficiently and cost-effectively.

What is the best way to deal with flood damage?

The best approach to dealing with flood damage is ensuring that you take expert advice at each stage of the process. Whether you are navigating an insurance claim or beginning the restoration process after flooding, specialist guidance is always invaluable in order to understand the available options.

Is water leak insurance important?

Taking out an insurance policy that provides comprehensive coverage for issues arising from water leaks is a significant long-term investment in your property. It is always a good idea to compare policies from different providers in order to ensure that you are choosing the best option.

What happens during the water damage insurance claim process?

There is a number of steps to the water damage insurance claim process. Insurance companies will need to survey the cause and extent of the damage to determine an offer. Taking independent expert advice is invaluable to policyholders in order to establish whether this offer is fair. Our team at Water Damage Repairs can provide assistance navigating the claims process and help negotiate the fairest outcome.

Can I get a flood insurance quote from Water Damage Repairs?

Our team at Water Damage Repairs will visit the property to survey it. Once we have established the cause of the flooding and the extent of the damage, we prepare a detailed report to send to your insurer with whom we then negotiate a settlement for the required repair works.

We always check your insurance policy document and the specific wording to ensure that you get the fairest possible outcome from your insurer and that your property is put back to its pre-loss condition.

Where can I get water damage insurance claim help?

Making an insurance claim for water damage can often be complex, especially at a time when there is significant stress from water damage to your property. At Water Damage Repairs, we take away the stress for homeowners by negotiating the water damage insurance claim directly with the insurer.  Once the repairs have been agreed upon by the insurance company we get our builders to undertake the agreed works. The invoice for repairs is sent directly to the insurance company so there is no cost incurred by the homeowner.

What do I do when I have home water damage?

Whilst the steps to resolve water damage can seem overwhelming there are a number of practical steps you can take to help ensure the best outcome for your home. One step that can help achieve the best outcome following water damage is working with an FCA-regulated insurance claims management company to help ensure the fairest outcome.

How do I take out burst pipe insurance?

You cannot take out a policy after the event- you must already have the cover in place at the time of the escape of water. If you have buildings insurance for your home you will have cover for the escape of water. Providing your water damage is caused by an insured peril then the repairs will be covered.

How much does water damage repair cost?

If you appoint Water Damage Repairs to deal with your insurance claim, then the cost of your repairs will be free to you. This is because we will prepare a detailed scope of works and present this to your insurer.

We then meet with the insurer’s loss adjuster and negotiate a settlement for all of the works that are required to put your property back to its pre-loss condition. This will also include the cost of professionally drying the structure of your property and dealing with any mould decontamination.