Home Damage: Should You Buy Water Damage Insurance?

Home Damage: Should You Buy Water Damage Insurance?

Water damage is, unquestionably, a hugely important issue. In terms of all of the forms of damage, water damage is without a doubt one of the most common. Of course, there are other issues which you will need to keep an eye on, such as the contents of your home or perhaps even wind damage. Though there is no doubt that water damage is one of the most serious and without the correct protection, you will risk destroying your home beyond repair. So, why are our homes so susceptible to water damage and how should we deal with these issues?

When you look a little deeper into the issues surrounding water damage, there is no question why the UK struggles so much with the issue. First of all, the British Isles have some of the most rain in Europe, which often makes our rivers extremely full. What’s more, the UK is an island which means we are at the mercy of the ocean from all sides. When you link these two environmental issues with increased building and poor drainage, you have a perfect storm for flooding and water damage. So, how can the people of the UK deal with this risk and ensure that they keep their homes and their loved ones safe? Keep reading this blog to find out more.


While it may seem fairly uncommon for the UK to experience severe flooding, it is actually very much the opposite. The British Isles have some of the worst flooding statistics in northern Europe, which is made even more worrying when you realise many people don’t have home insurance or water damage insurance. These two factors create the perfect storm for homes, as when the floods hit they have no defences, leaving them at the mercy of nature. So, what are the statistics for the UK and how serious really is this situation? Let’s discuss this and find out where the issues lie.

Current figures suggest that around 5.2 million homes in the UK are currently at risk of flooding. At first glance, when you look at the population of the country, that statistic doesn’t seem too worrying as current figures suggest there are over 60 million people living in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. However, that is in fact one in six homes which are directly at risk of flooding. The worrying statistics don’t just stop there either. Statistically, your home is more likely to be flooded than it is to be burgled and 2.8 million homes are prone to surface water flooding alone.

So, the risk of flooding in the UK is a very real prospect and we must make sure that we safeguard our homes for the present and future generations. Though, when we peel back the layers of the British insurance market, we find that, despite flooding and water damage being one of the leading causes of domestic destruction, very few people are fully insured. In terms of the numbers, it is estimated that 6 million of the 22 million British homes don’t currently have any form of water damage insurance. This figure means that there are millions of people in the UK right now that are leaving themselves to the mercy of the weather.

Clearly then, there is an issue with flooding in the UK and an even greater issue with the lack of insurance. Though, what are the different forms of water damage and how can you protect your home against them? Keep reading this blog to find this out and much more about how to attain sufficient water damage insurance.

Coastal flooding

As you might expect with a country that finds itself surrounded by water, coastal flooding is one of the most common forms of flooding in the UK. In fact, water surges and high tides can lead to some of the most disastrous flooding that we see in the country, and arguably the most dangerous. Many homes have been swept away over the years and homes find themselves damaged all too often. The increase in coastal flooding has mostly been put down to the dramatic increase in global temperatures caused by global warming and most low-lying coastlines in the UK are scrambling to find out what to do about this issue.

While many homes in areas of coastal flooding have some form of protection from the sea, there are still many who find themselves at the mercy of mother nature. So, if you live by the sea, it might be wise to find out if you have any form of protection for your home.

River flooding

The UK is blessed with some of the most beautiful and well-maintained rivers in the world and this makes our countryside incredibly popular. Though, there is no doubt that global warming has made the risk of flooding in these areas increasingly common and many homes are now in danger of becoming damaged. All it takes is a large storm and prolonged rainfall and many of these rivers can become over-capacitated. When they burst their banks, it causes widespread flooding and destruction to many homes and livelihoods. While there are a few areas which have fairly well-designed flood defences, many of the lands which are prone to flooding have been left worryingly unguarded.

This makes the importance of attaining water damage insurance in these locations incredibly important, as in many cases this will be the last line of defence when it comes to your belongings. While many people choose to ignore these issues, you will thank yourself in the future if your home ever does suffer from significant water damage.

Groundwater flooding

This form of flooding is perhaps slightly less well-known than the other types which we have previously mentioned. However, it is equally as common and can cause some incredibly serious issues later down the road. In fact, one of the most dangerous things about groundwater flooding is it is very difficult to track or predict so many homes and families can be caught off-guard. Essentially, groundwater flooding is when the water table in the affected area rises so much that water pours from the surface. This means that many areas can find themselves under several inches of water in no time.

As we have previously mentioned, groundwater flooding is incredibly difficult to predict, which makes it so important that you have water damage insurance. You may not even think you need it, but if groundwater flooding ever affects your home, then you can be protected from it.

Surface water flooding

This form of flooding is probably the most well known and many people will have witnessed it over the years. Though, despite it being common throughout the country, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t dangerous. In fact, groundwater flooding is one of the leading causes of flood damage in the UK and it affects thousands of homes and families every year. Essentially, this form of flooding occurs after long periods of rainfall and the ground cannot absorb any more moisture. This means that the water sits on the ground and becomes deeper and deeper as the rainfall prolongs.

This form of flooding is particularly dangerous, as many homes may not even be in an area known to flood when they become affected by it. As this form of flooding occurs in any location where the ground is over-saturated, it can in fact happen anywhere. This reason is why it is so important to attain water damage insurance so you can protect your family from the stresses and financial devastation which groundwater flooding can cause.

Protection against burst pipes and leaks

While water damage insurance can protect your home against flooding, it can also protect your property from leaks and other issues. These kinds of issues do happen from time to time when you own a home and you need to be prepared for eventualities like this. With water damage insurance, you can ensure that your home is protected from any leaking or burst pipes. So, you can rest assured that your home is safe from any unforeseen circumstances.

Make sure you contact us today if you need any advice on water damage insurance! Our staff are incredibly experienced and will be able to answer any questions which you might have.

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