Coping With Temporary Relocation Due To Flood Damage

Coping With Temporary Relocation Due To Flood Damage

Coping With Temporary Relocation Due To Flood Damage

One of the often overlooked consequences of flooding is the effect that it can have on the liveability of your property. While most reported flood damage is not severe, and will only involve a brief consultation with your insurance company and minimal repair costs, there are instances in which you may be required to relocate temporarily while repair work is being carried out, and this can be a stressful and isolating time.

Flood repair work may take a matter of weeks, causing disruption to your everyday life. At Water Damage Repairs, we understand the trauma of your property sustaining water damage, and this is why we endeavour to complete a property survey, discuss matters with your insurance company and complete any repairs in a timely manner.

If your property is deemed uninhabitable during the period of repairs, we will negotiate with your insurer to get you alternative accommodation at the insurer’s expense. Allowing us to oversee this process ensures that your life can return to normality as quickly as possible.

Continue reading for tips on how to deal with temporary relocation due to property damage, whether you’re renting temporarily or moving your family in with another loved one for the time being.

The Destructive Effects

As well as the damage to surfaces and structures that will be noticeable from flood water, this occurrence can even make areas of a home structurally unstable, rendering the property unsafe to reside in. Water from sewage or rivers will also likely carry contamination and spread diseases through harmful substances found in the stream. Causing individuals to lose valued objects of significance as well as posing a real danger when electrical outlets and objects come into the picture, it’s easy to see why you may need to leave the home temporarily while experts deal with the repercussions.

Communication And Help

In the event of a flood, family and friends will be invaluable as you try to get back on your feet. If they’re offering you a place to stay while the damage and house flood insurance details are being dealt with, or if they provide you with fresh meals and a lift to work, don’t feel ashamed to accept offers of help and kindness, as flood damage is likely to be one of the most problematic events you have to deal with. In such situations, we can claim a daily disturbance allowance from your insurer to cover the cost of additional food and laundry bills incurred by your friends and family having to put you up.

Avoid Overthinking

Overthinking and worrying about things you can no longer change are likely to cause you even more stress, with children likely to want reassurance during this time. If you appoint us to deal with your claim, we will immediately commence the process of mitigation and start drying out your property whilst negotiating the repair works with your insurer. We will be able to keep you updated on the latest developments and start your repairs as soon as these have been agreed by your insurer.

Water Damage Repairs are your leading local water damage repair specialists, arranging everything from property surveys,house flood insurance communications and repairs from expert providers. With years of experience in organising restoration services for water damaged homes, there is no job too big for our team. Whether your property has been affected by faulty pipes, heavy rainfall or damage from river flooding, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to deal with your queries.

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