The Dangers Of Groundwater Flooding

The Dangers Of Groundwater Flooding

The Dangers Of Groundwater Flooding

Whether you live in an area where regular flood warnings are issued, or you reside in a property with seemingly no risk of water causing damage, there are always precautions to take when dealing with the prospect of flooding. Household appliances, faulty plumbing and even rainfall into a garden can cause unforeseen issues. Groundwater is one of the leading causes of flooding in The UK, and the following blog will detail the dangers of this unpredictable issue, ways to prevent it, and the methods that you should follow if your property becomes affected. Here at Water Damage Repairs, we’re committed to helping when you become the victim of a flood, leak or other water-related property damage. When you’re making an insurance claim, it’s quite easy to get confused, and we can handle your claims, rectifying and repairing any damage.

Continue to find out more about the dangers of groundwater flooding, and how to ensure your home is protected against it with flood damage insurance claim help.

Groundwater Flooding Explained

Groundwater flooding is defined as any flooding which stems from the water level within rock or soil underground rising. When the water rises and reaches ground level, water may start to seep through to the surface, causing problems if the groundwater flooding has occurred near your property. On the other hand, groundwater flooding may affect the interior of a cellar if located underground, with water seeping through to the room through a ceiling. Unlike the sudden occurrence of river flooding, you will usually suffer from the consequences of groundwater flooding days, weeks or months after heavy rainfall. Even worse, the flooding may last for weeks or months if left untreated.

Dangers And Preventative Measures

Flooding groundwater can result in overflowing sewers, long-term damage to your garden area and even interior flooding. Though there are often warnings put in place by local councils and environmental agencies, the unpredictability of groundwater flooding is what makes it so devastating. Water situation reports within The UK can be found here for reference. The best way to prevent groundwater from entering your property is to use a drainage or pump system, however in some instances even a pump won’t be able to contain the amount of water which accumulates.

Professional Assistance

Professional help from your local specialists will ease the burden on you following such a traumatic event. At Water Damage Repairs we always stay up to date with the latest flood warnings and possible flood risks in the area, giving us an overview of the demand for our services. We will review the damage to your property, communicate with insurance providers and enlist reliable contractors to carry out any necessary repair work. We even liaise with Thames Water regarding emergency repair solutions when required.

At Water Damage Repairs, we are the leading water damage professionals in London and the surrounding areas. Our trusted team of surveyors can do everything from organising restoration services for your home, to insurance claim help. Well-equipped to help with your issues related to flood damage, faulty pipework or issues stemming from heavy rainfall, contact us today for additional information and level any queries at our efficient team.

If you appoint us to deal with your claim, we will immediately commence the process of mitigation and start drying out your property whilst negotiating the repair works with your insurer. We will be able to keep you updated on the latest developments and start your repairs as soon as these have been agreed by your insurer.

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