The Long Term Dangers Of Water Damage

The Long Term Dangers Of Water Damage

The Long Term Dangers Of Water Damage

No matter the cause, be it flooding, leaky pipes or a burst tank, water damage is always an issue. Not only is it a major inconvenience, but it also poses some serious risks to your home and health.

There are a number of problems that can arise as a result of water damage and, although varying in severity, they should all be treated as soon as they become apparent.

From damp and mould, to electrical failures and structural corrosion, here is Water Damage Repairs’ guide to the dangers of water damage.


One of the most common issues that follows water damage is the formation of mould. As a type of microscopic fungi, whether you’ve had a leaky pipe or a full-scale flood, mould thrives in the conditions created.

Alongside the unpleasant appearance and smell of mould, it can also have grave consequences on the health of house occupants if untreated. Respiratory illnesses, infections and allergies are just a few of the common effects of mould within a home.

Mould is a living organism rather than a mineral fibre, such as asbestos and therefore the longer a property remains damp, the more mould will continue to grow. Mould CFU’s (Colony Forming Units) generate around 1 million spores per cm2, so the long-term impact on your health could be quite severe. It would be advisable to commence mould removal/decontamination works as soon as possible.

Structural Weakening

In addition to the potential formation of mould, water damage can lead to more severe problems such as concrete erosion, corroded pipes and soaked flooring; all of these can actually weaken the structure of your property creating a hazardous environment.

If left to develop, issues such as water seepage in basements or flooding can also cause early deterioration of walls and supporting beams, leading to cracking and in some cases, collapse.

Electrical Damage

One of the most important reasons for water damage to be dealt with as soon as it occurs is the potential for electrical damage. If water makes its way through ceilings, floorboards or into the internal structure of your home, there is a risk of it coming into contact with your house’s electrics which can have dire consequences.

If this happens, for both insurance and safety purposes it is crucial to have your home or property assessed by water damage professionals as soon as possible.


Finally, one of the most common issues that arises after water damage of any sort is staining. Whilst this may seem like a minor cosmetic inconvenience, it is best resolved swiftly as it can end up costing a lot of money to fix and will be detrimental to the value of your home.

By using the all encompassing services of Water Damage Repairs, even the smallest matters such as staining can be resolved quickly and paid for by your insurance.

Water Damage Repairs London

If your London home or property has suffered water damage as a result of flooding or leakage, it’s worth getting it fixed before further problems develop.

For expert advice, professional services and friendly customer service, look no further than Water Damage Repairs. We are experienced in repairing flood and water damage, burst pipes and many other issues. What’s more, all of our work is carried out under insurance!

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