How Can I Save Money Following Water Damage to My Property?

How Can I Save Money Following Water Damage to My Property?

How Can I Save Money Following Water Damage to My Property?

Dealing with water damage in your property can be an upsetting and stressful experience – not to mention costly!

The heightened emotions you may experience in such an event can make it that bit more difficult to deal with, which isn’t helpful when it’s already a difficult process to navigate. On top of this, if you aren’t familiar or well-versed in the process of claiming insurance and all the jargon involved, then it can be incredibly confusing and you may end up spending more money than you need to.

Water Damage Repairs acts as the go-between, acting efficiently and effectively to resolve your claim on your behalf. Keep reading to discover how you can save money following home water damage.

Making a Claim: Water and Flood Damage

In the instance that your home has experienced some form of serious water damage, whether it be from a burst pipe or from flooding, then there are a number of actions you should take to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

This involves contacting your insurance company to notify them of the damage and making a claim, potentially finding alternative accommodation, drying out your property, valuing your damaged items, retrieving quotes from a builder – the list goes on. It can be hard to know where to start, and if you try jumping through too many hoops at once then it is most likely that your bank account will suffer.

Timely and Expert Service

When you contact Water Damage Repairs, you will receive a timely service to ensure that the process is carried out in the applicable, efficient manner, so that any issues you are facing will not become worse whilst you are waiting for your insurance money and the damage to your property to be resolved. You will not have any difficulty in finding out what needs to be done and doing as such, allowing you to focus your energy elsewhere.

Upon formally asking us to work for you (known as instructing), Water Damage Repairs will accept your instruction (assuming we believe you have a genuine insurance claim and will benefit from our service) and attend your property within 48 hours to provide you with a professional assessment of the damage.

This is done in such a way that your insurance company will understand and accept, minimising confusion and potentially reducing the amount of back and forth communication that is required during the process. When dealing with an insurance company yourself, the communication between you may be poor, limited, and/or unnecessarily complex, which may leave you feeling uncertain about how your claim is progressing. Using a specialist service can reduce confusion, ensure that you’re well-informed about the status of your claim, and help you get the money you deserve in a smooth and timely fashion.

By acting on your behalf to deal with your insurance claim, you can be confident that all the information the insurance company requires will be delivered with nothing important left out of the report.

The team at Water Damage Repairs have expert knowledge, knowing what to look out for and include in an insurance claim depending on the circumstances, as well as any information to include or emphasise that will particularly support your claim. Were you to submit the claim yourself, it is more likely you would make a mistake when doing so or miss important information out – ultimately increasing the chance that you receive less money than you are owed.

FCA Regulated Company

By employing the help of a Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulated company (such as Water Damage Repairs), you have the reassurance that you are receiving reliable assistance. An FCA regulated company has the ability to insist that the insurer’s liability is kept open until all works and repairs have been completed to a satisfactory standard. This will protect your claim and ensure that you will be eligible to receive any extra payments in the event any unforeseen circumstances arise that result in additional or variations to the work being carried out.

In the event of any extra charges procuring, you can be confident that you will not be responsible for them and instead will receive the adequate compensation that you are entitled to.

Furthermore, after assessing the work that needs to be done, they will provide a quote to your insurer that you know is realistic and can be trusted. They are often able to price match the quote an insurer’s contractor gives also, should you rather the work be completed by the contractors Water Damage Repairs provides, knowing you can rely on and trust them to do the job properly.

No Deposit Required

Unlike many tradesmen or other repair specialists, Water Damage Repairs does not require a deposit from you.

In a time when you already have damaged property and money on the line, the last risk you want to be taking is paying a deposit to someone who may provide poor services or do a shoddy job in completing the work, which would require you to spend more money to fix on top of your deposit being wasted.

Although it could be assumed that insurance companies will only appoint reliable and competent contract workers, it is not in their best interest to stay on top of the quality and speed of the work in practice, rather they will trust the quote and time-frame given by the contractor to base your compensation on.

Water Damage Repairs will provide contractors for you and will only pay the contractors once all the necessary work on your property has been completed and you have confirmed that you are happy with the end result. This takes the financial risk off your shoulders in the instance that the contractor does an unsatisfactory job. However, it will simultaneously be in their best interest to do the job well, since they will be responsible for financing it until its completion to the required standard and will not want to make unnecessary work for themself.

Saving Money: The Verdict

Having the water damage insurance claim process and the appointment of qualified contractors to manage the repair work to your property arranged for you reduces your personal involvement in these tedious procedures (whilst keeping you regularly informed) and takes a huge chunk of the burden off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on other matters.

For example, should your house be subject to extensive flood damage that leaves it unfit for occupation, then you will be able to focus your time on sorting alternative accommodation both temporarily and on a longer-term basis depending on the extent of the damage.

Water Damage Repairs may even be able to help you with this on top of everything else, as we will easily be able to find out whether your insurance company offers help towards alternative accommodation as part of your policy and can clearly explain what the terms of such clauses entail.

These may all seem like standard procedures that don’t require the intervention of a third party to get things sorted, but they can take a lot more time than you think when done single-handedly – especially when you are trying to juggle them all at once.

Even if you are able to submit an insurance claim as soon as possible, delays can arise when waiting for a quote from a builder, on top of the time it takes to find one you believe to be trustworthy. You then face the risk of building delays if they are not as reliable or competent as you had hoped, potentially leading to building disputes and incurring costs for extra parts or work that may need to be carried out.

This can all lead to a strain on your time and money, not to mention the mental and potentially physical toll it would take on you. In a bid to get everything sorted as quickly as possible to stop the stress you’d be facing, you could end up losing much more money than you anticipated in the first place.

Instructing the help of a reputable, regulated repair specialist is the best way to preserve your money and energy. In addition to this, it is also the safest and most dependable course of action to take. Your money is protected, the process is completed in a timely manner and there is a reduced risk of cowboy builders taking your money for doing an improper job.

Help Securing Burst Pipe Repairs and Flood Repairs

If you have noticed signs of water damage in your property or have experienced obvious and severe water damage, Water Damage Repairs can provide the assistance you need to sort it.

We have worked with many of the leading insurance companies in the country, harbouring a mutual respect through understanding how they work and them recognising that we will only approach them with legitimate claims.

Contact us today for assistance with water damage to your property. Whether you have water damage you’re unable to trace or simply require someone to take over the process for you, we are on hand to help.

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