How to protect your pipes from freezing over this winter

How to protect your pipes from freezing over this winter

How to protect your pipes from freezing over this winter

As the days and nights turn colder, the last thing you need are frozen pipes. Frozen pipes can leave you without running water and they run the risk of bursting and flooding your home. Too often, people get caught out by turning off their heating completely when they go away or in an attempt to reduce heating costs. However, if you don’t take steps to protect your pipes from freezing you are at risk of ending up with a big bill and an even bigger inconvenience.

Why do pipes freeze?

Pipes tend to have a small amount of water left inside them at all times, even when they are not turned on. When the air temperature drops below freezing, this water solidifies in your pipes and starts to cause issues.

How to avoid frozen pipes

You can avoid frozen pipes and the risk of home water damage by following a few of these simple recommendations:

Turn on your taps

Running water is less likely to freeze, so remember to turn your taps on and off on a regular basis in order to reduce the need for burst pipe repair.

Put your heating on

Increasing the air temperature in your home can help stop internal pipes from freezing. If you are away from the property you should set your thermostat to 12-15 C to maintain a steady internal air temperature.

Insulate pipes and water tanks

Pinpoint pipes in cold areas and wrap them with thermal sponge covers. You can also insulate your water tank, especially if they are in the colder areas of the house such as the attic.

Open cupboard doors or attic hatches

Your boiler or water tank may be located in an area which has poor ventilation. Opening up the doors and hatches allows warm air to circulate around the pipes and tanks reducing the risk of getting too cold.

Drain your water system

Perhaps you’re planning to go away for a while during winter? Give yourself some burst pipe insurance by draining the water from your system completely. This will remove the water from the pipes and reduce the risk of bursting.

Do you need burst pipe insurance or water damage repair?

If you need burst pipe repair or water damage insurance, then it’s best to get in touch with the professionals. Water Damage Repairs are a reliable and reputable company who are happy to assist you with your home water damage or burst pipe insurance. Our timely and cost-effective services are tailored to you with the aim of getting your home back to normal as quickly as possible.

If you have experienced home water damage as a result of a burst pipe, get in touch with Water Damage Repairs today. Our team is always happy to help. Call us now on 0203 011 3238.

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