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What To Do If Your Flat Has Water Damage From an Upstairs Neighbour

water dameged ceiling roof and stain on ceiling

We all know that water damage in our homes should be tackled as soon as possible. Leaving water to rest in your property can cause mould to grow, structural damage and can even impair your health. However, what is the process if the water damage in your home isn’t caused by you? If you live in a basement flat, you may experience water damage coming from the flat above you. Here, we provide insight into what you should do.

Steps To Take If Water Damage Is Coming From a Neighbouring Flat

If you live in a rented flat, and you’re experiencing water damage from a neighbour, the landlord is likely responsible. A burst pipe from the flat above may cause plasterboard damage or even cause the ceiling to break! If this happens, you should speak to your landlord as well as the tenants above you as soon as possible.

If the structure of your property has been damaged by water, it falls under your landlord’s responsibility to ensure that it is fixed and the property is habitable. If the water has damaged your possessions and it falls under your landlord’s responsibility, you may also be liable for compensation for this damage.

There are some instances when your landlord may not be responsible for damage caused to your furniture or possessions because of water damage from a neighbour. If another tenant was careless and this carelessness caused water damage to your home, this may not fall under your landlord’s responsibility. In this case, you may need to make a claim against your neighbour or their landlord to be awarded compensation.

The main takeaway to consider when seeking repairs to damage due to a neighbour is to speak to your landlord, the neighbours and the neighbours’ landlord. Unless all parties know what has happened, you won’t be able to get an adequate remedy to the issue.

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