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What is The Difference Between Water Damage and Mould?

Mould & Moisture Damage

Water damage can cause a huge amount of stress and frustration for homeowners and business owners alike. The resulting impact can be costly and have an impact on a property’s structure. But what exactly is the difference between water damage and mould and how are they linked? Read on to find out more.

Water Damage

Water damage is an umbrella term which describes the resulting impact when water enters a home or commercial property. Water damage can be caused through a range of ways, from flooding to burst pipes or an ill-fitted structure. Damage from water can include everything from small water spots to rotting and the complete structural damage of a property.


Mould is just one of the resulting impacts of water damage. When water is allowed to rest on a surface – particularly a material like wood – for long periods, it can result in mould. If left untreated, mould spores will spread. Mould thrives in warm and damp conditions, so properties which have succumbed to water damage are the perfect breeding ground.

When mould grows in a home, it can cause a range of health complications for people living there. For example, immune disorders, lung issues and asthma can all be brought on from exposure to mould.

If you’ve noticed signs of mould in your home due to water damage, you must have it looked at and fixed as soon as possible. Leaving mould to continue growing can cause health problems, structural damage and even reduce the value of your property!

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