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Need to make a water damage claim? We provide an in-depth guide to water damage claims, different types of water damage and knowing if you're eligible.

How To Make a Water Damage Claim

Water damage can have serious and lasting consequences. From structural, foundational damage to interior walls and flooring, right up to the onset of mould and bacteria, the impact of water damage on a property can be severe. Complicated and costly, the importance of having a water damage policy as part of your homeowner’s insurance is …

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Signs Of A Burst Water Pipe

Signs Of A Burst Water Pipe

A burst water pipe can be a huge inconvenience, halting all manner of activities within your home. Not only will this occurrence cause unnecessary stress, but it may also prove expensive when seeking professional repairs. Spotting the early signs of a burst water pipe is crucial in halting an issue before it develops, potentially saving …

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